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August and September with Take Charge

Take Charge at Innovate Trust

Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last month or so:

Fire Safety Training at the Barry YMCA Hub

We’ve been working with some of Innovate Trust’s tenants to teach them more about fire safety in the home. It’s a very important thing to know about, and once they have done the training they can help to do the fire safety checks in their own home.

Visit to St Athan Coastguard

We visited the coastguard station at St Athan, where they keep the rescue helicopters that operate from North Wales down to Cornwall. It was a privilege to be up close to such amazing machines, we even got to sit in the cockpit!

Cosmeston Lakes Bird Walk

Marie and Doug had been hard at work organising this event; they made posters, did risk assessments and recced the route. There was a great turnout and we walked round both lakes, recording what we could see on spotting sheets. Marie and Doug did a really good job of organising and helping out on the day, well done both of you.

Stories Of Your Life

This is an activity where people bring in objects that mean something personal to them, and the group tells stories about memories they have. A great way to help build peoples confidence and it’s fascinating to find out more about the people that we work with.

Let’s talk Makaton!

Makaton is a form of inclusive communication that uses a mixture of signs and symbols to help people to communicate. It’s fun to learn and the more people know how about it the better it is for people who find it difficult to communicate by conventional means, making a big difference to their confidence and independence.