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Digital Essential Skills

The digital essential skills project aims to upskill Innovate Trust employees providing skills and confidence to access the internet and engage with technology. In partnership with Digital Communities Wales, we are promoting the comprehensive 6-week course focusing on the Essential Digital Skills Framework across the organisation.

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About the Project

The digital essential skills project was designed to provide a training model for staff who can be upskilled to support and mentor other staff within the organisation.  The 6-week course is designed for staff that has some digital essential skills and are digitally confident, with a keen interest in using digital within the work environment. The training will focus on the staff’s ability to use the course material and effectively pass on their understanding to others, providing opportunities to explore new ways of implementing digital across the organisation.

82% of people with a disability or long-term condition use the internet, compared with 90% of those without. People with disabilities may require help in identifying appropriate assistive technologies.

The Digital Essential Skills framework covers a 6-week digital trainer led course in the following areas

Week 1 –

You will be provided with an overview of the Essential Digital Skills Framework, introduction to Digital Communities Wales and your trainer and learners will have the opportunity to discuss what they hope to gain from the course.

Week 2 – Online communication
Learners will gain the skills to be able to communicate using various apps and platforms such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Messenger and Skype. You will be shown how to create an email account using Google, you will also look at the additional Google apps you will be able to access such as Google Drive, Google Docs.

Week 3 – Handling information and content
This week you will learn how to search online using popular search engines such as Google to find information, fact check, create bookmarks and explore cloud storage. Learners will be shown how to access online music streaming services such as Spotify, BBC Sounds, Apple Music.

The Digital Essential Skills framework covers a 6-week digital trainer led course in the following areas:

Week 4 – Handling Money Online
This session explains how to use the internet safely when shopping or managing your money online. You will look at how to download apps, and use comparison sites, voucher codes and cashback sites. In addition, learners will be shown how to identify secure websites and be introduced to safe pay options.

Week 5 – Problem-solving
Learners will gain the skills required to find solutions to problems using digital tools and online services. This includes online tutorials such as YouTube, FAQs, advice forums, chat facilities on websites or using a search engine to solve a problem.

Week 6 – Staying safe and legal online
In the final week, you will learn the skills required to stay safe, legal and confident online. You will learn how to protect personal information, create a strong password, how check that a website is secure and password management. In addition, you will cover how to recognise fake websites, scam/suspicious emails and messages. The session will also cover setting privacy settings on social media and other accounts.

We are currently supporting members of staff at Innovate Trust to complete the Digital Essential Skills training which has been designed to assist them to support their teams to feel confident in using technology in the workplace.

The content has been created by Digital Communities Wales (DCW) around the Digital Essential Skills framework which identifies five categories of essential digital skills for life and work

  • Communicating
  • Handling information and content
  • Transacting
  • Problem Solving
  • Being safe and legal online

Innovate Trust has worked closely with Cardiff and the Vale local authority to introduce digital solutions across the health and social care sector. Digital essential skills training was facilitated by our collaborative partner Digital Community Wales as part of a pilot project. The training was provided to social workers and support planners across both localities with the intention of enabling professionals to utilise their digital skills, and to support vulnerable adults in the community to be better digitally included.

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