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Field Days Organic

Field Days Organic is a horticulture training project run by Innovate Trust at the Amelia Trust Farm in the Vale of Glamorgan. The project is Organically Certified by the Soil Association and offers a therapeutic horticultural training environment for adults with a Learning Disability or other support needs.

The project’s core working tasks are developing and maintaining the main farm garden and growing plants and organically grown vegetables for sale at the farm.

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Field Days Organic aims

Field Days Organic is run in accordance with Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan’s Adult Learning Disability Strategy for Day Opportunities, in particular, those parts which emphasise:

  • Activities which promote well-being through healthy living and exercise
  • The opportunity to experience a working environment, and to socialise with other people
  • Lifelong learning and the development of skills for independent living and employment
  • Doing things that have a purpose and are meaningful to the person
  • Co-producing a saleable product and achieving sustainability in gardening
  • Gaining a valued social role and promoting a positive image of disability

The Field Days Organic Project is a Day Activities opportunity based around all participants being part of a team.  Their work focuses on growing plants and produce for sale to members of the public who visit the site and to other outlets. The gardens have also been a resource for the public to enjoy.

Participants view their time on the Project as ‘going to work’ rather than for example ‘going to college’. It is from this distinction that many of the major benefits of their participation derive, particularly in terms of Innovate Trust’s Core Values.

Field Days Organic takes referrals from Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Social Services and also direct from home or Supported Living. Following a taster session and the completion of a Referral form, participants usually attend on a weekly basis; one or more days a week, and their participation is open-ended.

A typical day session is from 9.30am to 3.30pm. The project has a minibus which provides transport from pick-up points in Cardiff and Barry. Some participants have their own means of transport.

Participation is ongoing, subject to regular review and to the wishes or circumstances of the individual.

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