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supported living

Our values

Innovate Trust’s history and values are firmly grounded on the principles of social justice, with our roots at the heart of care in Wales.

We are proud of our history, and we continue to strive for new ways to support and improve the lives of individuals no matter their circumstances, gender, race, or disability.

Our Vision

For people with disabilities and mental health problems live valued lives as independently as possible.

Our Mission

To develop new and innovative ways of supporting people with disabilities and mental health problems, enabling them to live valued lives within their communities.

Our Values

All people who are devalued or socially excluded by reason of their learning disability, physical disability, mental health problem, or other condition have the right to:

  • A normal, active life within the community
  • Develop as a person and pursue interests across any area
  • Be treated as individuals
  • Make informed choices
  • Have control over their lives
  • Be accorded respect and dignity
  • Build relationships

Our values are the guiding principles that provide us with our purpose and direction. They describe our core principles and reflect our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours.

We put our values into practice by delivering person centred support and putting the person at the centre of decisions about their life by:

  • Listening to what people want from their lives.
  • Helping people think about what they want now and in the future.
  • Working together with the person, their friends, family, and other professionals to make this happen.
  • Respecting people’s choices and opinions.