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Organisational Reports

The purpose of Organisational Reports are to provide important details that can be used to help develop and improve decision making at Innovate Trust.


Gender Pay Gap Reports


Since April 2017, legislation requires all employers of 250 or more employees to publish their Gender Pay Gap result for workers in scope as of 31st March 2017. The Gender Pay Gap is defined as the difference in average earnings of men and women over a standard period of time. In line with mandatory requirements, Innovate Trust GPG Report details the gender pay gap for Innovate Trust between 06/04/20 and 05/04/21.

Basic Pay Gap
-0.4% Mean* Gap
0.0% Median** Gap

Mean Average Bonus Pay
Male – £9.06/ hour
Female – £9.10/ hour

Media Average Bonus Pay
Male – £9.00/ hour
Female – £9.00/ hour

The Mean Hourly Pay for women is 0.5% higher than men’s at Innovate Trust; while their Median Hourly Pay is 0.0% higher. In other words, women earn 100p for every £1 that men earn at the mean hourly pay rate, and 100p for every £1 that men earn at the median hourly pay rate.

Bonus Pay Gap
1.8% Mean Gap
3.1% Median Gap

Mean Average Bonus Pay
Male – £1,226.19 per year
Female – £1,204.28 per year

Median Average Bonus Pay
Male – £1,365.21 per year
Female – £1,322.64 per year

The Mean Bonus Gap in Innovate Trust is 1.8% as Men’s Mean Bonus Pay is £1,226.19, while Women’s Mean Bonus Pay is £1,204.28. Additionally, the Median Bonus Pay for Men is £1,365.21 and £1,322.64 for Women, resulting in a Median Bonus Gap of 3.1%.

Workforce Proportions Receiving Bonuses
91.9% of Men
95.3% of Women

The Innovate Trust workforce is comprised of 31.1% of Men and 68.9% of Women. During the reporting period, bonuses were received by 91.9% of Men and 95.3% of Women.

Workforce Proportions by Pay Quartile
53.4% of Men and 46.6% of Women by lower pay quartile.
25.1% of Men and 74.9% of Women by lower middle pay quartile.
20.3% of Men and 79.7% of Women by upper middle pay quartile.
26.1% of Men and 73.9% of Women by upper pay quartile.

This illustrates the gender distribution of 829 employees at Innovate Trust across four equally sized quartiles. The distribution of Men and Women is: 53.4% Men / 46.6% Women for the Lower Quartile, 25.1% Men / 74.9% Women for the Lower Middle Quartile, 20.3% Men / 79.7% Women for the Upper Middle Quartile and; 26.1% Men / 73.9% Women for the Upper Quartile.

Innovate Trust is committed to the principle of equal pay for all employees and determines pay and conditions of employment that do not discriminate unlawfully and are free from gender bias. We will be working on a Gender Equality Action Plan in the coming months.

“I can confirm on behalf of Innovate Trust that the information published is accurate.”

Any queries please contact Nick French,
Chief Executive Officer

*Mean is the average of the numbers: a calculated “central” value of a set of numbers.
**Median is the “middle” of a sorted list of numbers.

Inspection Reports

Innovate Trust provides support to people with Learning Disabilities who live in Supported Living, in Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan and Rhondda Cynnon Taff local authority areas.

These services are commissioned by the local authorities and registered and regulated by the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) – Under the Care Standards Domiciliary Care Agency Regulations.

The agency is regularly inspected by CIW and our inspection reports can be found using the following links:

Inspection Report on Innovate Trust Respite Service (Short Stay Service)

Inspection Report on Innovate Trust Community Living