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Support worker and person we support standing on a wooden bridge

Application tips

We want to help you get ready for work – whether you have the confidence to get into work for the first time, progress in your career or after a career break.

We have put together some valuable tips to help your application form stand out. From providing accurate and detailed information to effectively showcasing your skills and experience, these tips will increase your chances of success.

Support worker and person we support standing on a wooden bridge

We will be assessing...

  • Your experience

  • Your skill set

  • Your attitude against the set criteria in the person’s specification

  • Your knowledge and understanding of the role and our organisation

We want to find out...

  • Why you are interested in the role

  • Your understanding of the role

  • Your experience and/or relevant transferable skills

What we like to see...

  • Basic details about yourself and a more detailed explanation of your skills

  • Your experience and qualifications. Make sure to use examples where appropriate to evidence your ability to meet our requirements

  • Draw on your personal or professional experiences. Give us examples of when and how you have demonstrated the key criteria

  • Do not panic if you do not meet all the criteria. Imagine what you would do in a situation and put this in your application form

Tips for success

First impressions count. This is your chance to let us know why you are the person we are looking for.

  • Read the job description and Person Specification carefully

  • Provide a short introduction as to why you want the role
  • Positive results are great to see. However, if things have not worked out, tell us what happened and how you resolved this

  • Use headings for each section. This allows you to have a clear structure and ensures that you have covered all the relevant criteria.

Check and recheck!

  • Read your application over to check for spelling and grammatical errors

  • Ask someone else to proofread your application

  • Photocopy or print your finished form so that you have a record of what you have written. You may need to refer back to what you have written at the interview stage

  • Keep your answers brief and to the point. You will make a stronger impression.

Try to avoid

  • Writing “See CV”
    We have given you an application form for a reason.

  • CVs must not replace any part of your application form. However, you can submit your CV as an additional document.

  • Don’t just use a cliché or buzzwords. Make sure you expand on your descriptions and points!

Start your journey today

Your application form is your opportunity to make a strong impression, so let us dive in and discover the ways you can complete it successfully.

Our commitments

From Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), to our policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders, to training procedures. We are committed to your rights and wellbeing throughout your career with us.

Your journey

From application to induction, we want to offer full transparency.

Find out more about career progression, employee networks, and your journey with us at Innovate Trust.

Workplace benefits

We believe in investing in the wellbeing and success of our team. We understand that a fulfilling career is more than just the work you do. It also involves the benefits and perks that support your overall quality of life.

Our commitments

to your rights and wellbeing throughout your career with us.

Your journey

from career progression to employee networks, see your journey with Innovate Trust.

Workplace benefits

perks that support your overall quality of life and a fulfilling career.