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Taking Charge of our Part-Accredited Courses!

Take Charge at Innovate Trust

This month has been all about resuming our part-accredited courses. Now restrictions have eased, it’s safer to provide these indoor group sessions with the vulnerable adults we work with on the Take Charge project.

Our new Volunteering Agored course is aimed at helping participants to find volunteering opportunities within their local community. This part accredited qualification is very much tailored to the individual and what they want to do. Our participants are benefitting from the extra support completing this qualification has to offer in terms of reaching their goals. We have now provided this course for four participants with many more hoping to take part in the near future.

Our second new Agored course is Gathering Information to Enable Use of Public Transport.

This course aims to empower our participants; it’s helping them to feel more confident when travelling as they now have a greater understanding of how to plan a journey and where to find information about public transport.

Being able to travel further afield will enable our participants, particularly those in RCT, to find more volunteering, further learning and job opportunities. This course has helped our participants to achieve this.

For our Cardiff based participants, we provided this course at Insole Court. We visited the nearby Fairwater train station and some bus stops along the way. Our participants loved this interactive part of the course; being able to physically go out together to gather information from these places was a constructive and enjoyable way for them to enhance the learning they had done in the classroom.

Our RCT participants took part in this course at the Welsh Council for Deaf People building in Pontypridd where they visited Pontypridd train station and a nearby bus stop. It’s important our participants experience this course locally in order for it to resonate with their knowledge of the area. We aim to tailor all of our courses to our participants’ needs and providing this course in various locations throughout RCT, Cardiff and The Vale helps us to do this.

We have also teamed up with Adult Learning Wales to deliver a part-accredited resilience course. This course supports participants with positive ways to cope with change and feel more confident.  Soft skills such as these are often overlooked, but are equally as important as work-related skills. This course was beneficial in terms of enabling individuals to recognise their own strengths and improve their confidence.

Participants have been taking part in a Taster Health and Wellbeing Agored course with Down to Earth at Llandough Health Meadow.

This course is integrated with our participants’ volunteering activities at the Health Meadow and consolidates the importance of what they’re doing there for themselves as well as for others.

Our participants volunteer here with the wider community to create a new outdoor healthcare and rehabilitation facility based on 14 acres of woodland and meadow next to the hospital.

By providing a varied range of useful, part-accredited courses for our participants we have been able to support them to achieve their self-identified goals. Helping participants to learn about volunteering opportunities in their community and to access these opportunities via public transport is vital. Encouraging participants to improve their resilience and their health and wellbeing is also essential for individuals to move closer to employment. Working together with our colleagues in the Skills and Wellbeing team has been the key to our successful delivery of these part-accredited courses. We are also continuing to liaise with external providers to provide more learning opportunities for our participants in the future.