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Laura celebrates 15 years at Starbucks

Today we’re celebrating the massive achievement of Laura Knight. Laura has reached the milestone of being in paid employment at Starbucks for 15 years!

Laura worked with us at Innovate Trust through our QUEST Supported Employment in 2007. We worked with Laura to find the right role for her, and we are thrilled to hear how brilliantly she has been doing. We are proud to hear that Starbucks is honouring her with a plaque to commemorate her achievement.

Emma Lewis, our Digital Resources Officer, who used to work at QUEST, had a catch-up with Laura to see how she feels about all the fuss.

EL is Emma Lewis
LK is Laura Knight

EL: Hi Laura, How are you? I hear Congratulations are in order!

LK:  Oh yes, thank you. I’m good thanks.

EL: So Laura, 15 years is a long old time to be in the same job. You must’ve seen so many changes in the coffee shop industry over that time and seen lots of employees come and go. What are the main differences now from when you started?

LK: It’s a lot busier now! People come and sit and work with their computers now too, that didn’t happen so much before. Some people are there for my whole shift at the same table!

EL: I bet! More so these days with so many people working away from the office. What sorts of things do you do in your role?

LK: I clear and clean all the tables. I wash the dishes and load the dishwasher. I sweep the Cafe too and make sure it always looks clean and tidy when people come in, I really like walking around the Cafe checking everything is clean and tidy. 

I stock up all the Condiment Bar – that’s filling up all the sugars and lids, and stirrers. I make sure the people behind the counter making the coffee have everything they need too. And I keep checking the toilets to make sure they always have paper and soap in them, and make sure they are clean too.

EL: That sounds like you keep an eye on everything. I bet you make a big difference to how the Cafe looks and runs while you are there. What does it mean to you to have paid employment, Laura?

LK: I just really enjoy it. It makes me proud and happy.

EL: So, would you recommend to a friend to work for Starbucks? Are they good employers?

LK: Yes, it is a good place to work. The employees are really kind and they look after me.

EL: I had a chat with your manager and Supervisor, who couldn’t say enough great things about you. It’s great to hear that you’re appreciated so much, Laura.

Laura enters every shift with unwavering optimism. She’s great to have around and would be an asset to any team.

EL: So lastly, how are you going to celebrate??

LK: I just turned 40, so I celebrated last week by going to Disneyland Paris with my family.

EL: Oh wow, so a double celebration then!

LK: Yes, it was.

EL: Well done, Laura! Congratulations on your achievement of 15 years of service at Starbucks. Thanks so much for chatting with us. It’s been lovely to catch up with you.

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