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Building and Maintaining Strong Partnerships across RCT

Take Charge at Innovate Trust

The Skills and Wellbeing really pride themselves on their partnerships with other organisations. Working together with others has been the key to our success in terms of gathering new referrals and providing a variety of training opportunities for our participants, especially this June.

We have been working closely with Drive, a supported living provider based around Aberdare. We have started the sign-up process for Take Charge with their service users. We have already signed up nine eager participants who are supported by them and we are hoping to sign up more in the near future. We have been working with these new participants and their support workers to provide a tailored programme of sessions to improve these participants’ work skills and wellbeing.

These participants are particularly interested in improving their confidence, understanding anxiety and conflict resolution. The Take Charge project has the resources and the flexibility to provide these wellbeing-based sessions. Focusing on these important topics helps our participants to better understand themselves and others and, ultimately, to work effectively as a team which is a key skill employers look for.

Another organisation we have been lucky enough to work closely with over the years has been Skills and Volunteering Cymru. This organisation work with many disadvantaged groups throughout Cardiff, The Vale and RCT to provide them with enrichment and volunteering opportunities.

Our team, alongside SVC and Innovate Trust’s Participation Team, attended Innovate Trust’s RCT Meet and Greet event this June. It was lovely to see so many service users all together after the turbulent couple of years we’ve experienced due to the pandemic. We benefitted from listening to their ideas on what activities they want to do and what they want to achieve. Through this event, we were able to target new service users who showed an interest in attending some courses and trying volunteering. We are in the process of contacting their supported living managers to start the sign-up process. Working closely with service users’ support staff means we get to know our new participants quickly and can really tailor our time with them.

We have also been teaming up with SVC and Innovate’s Participation Team to provide a wide array of sessions and activities for Healthy Eating Week. We have planned two new healthy eating sessions, ‘Healthy Poo, Healthy You’, which focused on maintaining a good fibre intake, and ‘What are you Drinking’, which focused on hydration.

Promoting healthy lifestyles helps our participants to feel better in themselves. Living a healthy life helps to reduce stress and enables us to learn new things more easily. This in turn enables us be a successful volunteer, something many of our participants strive to achieve.

Another organisation we have had the joy of working with over the last few months is Gadlys Learning Curve in Aberdare. We have provided a great deal of workplace training for their service users in the embroidery factory and the Cwm Cycling group at the Sobell Leisure Centre. The confidence these service users have gained through being on the Take Charge project is clear to see. We are now starting to move these participants on to volunteering. Gadlys now have two new Trash Busters, one new Fire Buddy and two new Pride Planners with a few new roles still to be decided!

We have loved working with these participants and are so proud of all they have achieved with us.